Law of Attraction – The Most Common Thing Holding You Back From Attracting What You Want

Your thoughts are the most common reasons you fail to see results with the law of attraction. If you think that you have done everything that you could but fail to see results then here is the most common reason why.

You worry all the time. Do you worry that the law of attraction does not work or that what you want may not come in time? If you have those concerns on a regular basis you are sending out a frequency and that frequency is not in alignment with what you are hoping to attract.

When you feel fearful and worried you are focusing upon what you do not have. You focus is on the lack of it and you are focusing on the fear what will happen if you do not get it. When you are in that state you are activated the law of attraction whether you know it or not. However instead of using the law of attraction in your favor to manifest what you want you are actually manifesting more of what you don’t want. You see the law of attraction relies a great deal on what you are holding in your mind and what you are feeling. And when you are feeling terrible you are not in alignment with having.

So while you may say that the law of attraction does not work it is working. It is always working however it is only that you have not learned how to influence your mind in such a way that it alters what you focus upon.

There are many techniques that can dramatically alter the state of your mind so that you can trigger the law of attraction in a new way to give to you more of what you want with little effort.

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