Law of Attraction – Is Negative Energy Holding You Back?

When it comes to applying the law of attraction to your life there is one thing you must become aware of. In order to be successful with the law of attraction you must become aware of the quality of energy inside of yourself as well as the energy which surrounds you.

You may focus upon your thoughts and that’s perfectly okay. However there is something else that is just as important as monitoring your thought processes. That something is the quality of energy from those around you as well as your environment.

Just as it is important to keep your thoughts positive and high it is also important that you keep the energy around you positive and high. While it may be possible to surround yourself by high energy things such as flowers and plants, it is not so easy to control the quality of energy being emitted by those in your environment. When you are surrounded by negative people they permeate the environment with their own negative atmosphere. This negative atmosphere lowers the vibration of the entire atmosphere causing disharmony to those who occupy that space.

Often people may complain that the law of attraction does not work. Those people who complain that the law of attraction does not work often need to take a long look at the quality of people in their environment. It’s very easy for someone to send your negative energy and if your own energy is not as strong as you would like it to be this can compromise your personal energy. When your energy is compromised it affects your success rate in applying the law of attraction.

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