Creating the New Internet Video Television and Entertainment Industry

Internet Video is leading the way to Internet Television. The status quo is changing in the entertainment industry. No longer will the ole boy network control such a huge potential for profits. Now, thanks to broadband Internet Access and video technology, an entirely new industry is being created. That industry is Internet Television.

Innovative entrepreneurs have found ways to create and produce television for the Internet without having to overcome the obstacle usually created with traditional broadcast television. Social networking sites like the forum at [] give tvpreneurs the chance to find other creative souls to help them build the teams necessary to create a tv show and sites like offer the platform for delivery of those shows.

To simplify the process of creating and producing tv shows for the Internet, is [] a site that allows members to sign up for a free newsletter to keep them up to date on the new business opportunities being created by this new industry.

Lots of standard Internet Marketing tactics can be used to create and promote Internet televison programming. Techniques such as Joint Ventures and opt-in mailing lists can help video creators gain viewers and command advertising dollars.

The opportunities that will spin off of this new industry will produce hoards of other opportunities, like Internet Television Talent Agencies, product placement opportunities, and much much more.

The forum at [] is a brand new social networking site where directors can find talent and writers can find producers and a new crop of teams can emerge to dominate this new Internet Video Television and Entertainmnet Industry.

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