Creating the New Internet Video Television and Entertainment Industry

Internet Video is leading the way to Internet Television. The status quo is changing in the entertainment industry. No longer will the ole boy network control such a huge potential for profits. Now, thanks to broadband Internet Access and video technology, an entirely new industry is being created. That industry is Internet Television. Innovative entrepreneurs […]

Hotel Industry Employees Make Great Apartment Management Personnel

The search to hire the right person for the right job is always important, but even more so in the current apartment management market. First, apartment management is growing, and will continue to grow for several decades. Second, many new people are hired from outside the apartment management industry, and it is important to determine […]

Medical Assistant Career Opportunities In The Healthcare Industry

The opportunities in the healthcare industry are no longer limited to the traditional health occupations. Health care institutions will need thousands of additional trained personal over the upcoming years to keep pace with the aging population of most industrialized countries, this is especially in the United States where cost containment has become a major political […]

The Entertainment Industry’s Hoax, Folly and Master Plan

The big debate is still happening about which format will win the format war: Blue-Ray, or HD-DVD. Of course, both formats are suffering, as many potential customers of either are sitting and watching from the side-lines waiting to see who will win before investing an obscene amount of money and risk being stranded with a […]