How To Prepare Your Small Business For The “Year Of Content Marketing”

Many well-known experts in the world of advertising and marketing have declared 2013 to be the “Year of Content Marketing”. At its core, content marketing is a strategy that uses various forms of written information to inform and educate prospective customers about different features and benefits of the company or the products and services being […]

Marketing For Freelancers and Entrepreneurs – Selling Yourself in the New Economy

The new economy is a competitive place and you’ll have to be a marketer in order not to be marginalized by the marketplace. In brief: If you cannot market and sell your ideas to your employers and colleagues, you’ll be exploited and under-paid. Fifty years ago, giant corporations offered a lifetime of job security and […]

Price is Not a Market Differentiator For Entrepreneurs

Are you struggling with market share, disloyal customers and pricing? If your market share is steady or declining, if your sales force can talk of nothing other than pricing then you need to take a good hard look at your business growth and your business plan. We live in a business environment where market share […]

Branding Technology is the Same But Different

Branding is a word which is often perceived as the preserve of arty creative types paid too much money to come up with simple, even simplistic ideas. Moreover, with regard to firms which produce technology goods and whose focus is mired in the complexity of features and engineering, brand management is often very low on […]

Top Ten Branding Mistakes As Identified by Brand Research Company

Marketing research helps companies know the answers to critical brand questions, not just guess at them. Creating brand strategy without timely and accurate information isn’t just risky – it’s difficult and wastes resources. Understanding the market, what they want and need and how your brand is going to play allows you to focus all of […]

The Brand Story Web Marketing Process

If websites have one overarching goal it is to create confidence in whatever the website is promoting and who’s promoting it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a product, a service, a sales campaign, or an idea, if the presentation is not minimally credible or optimally motivational, then it fails as a means of marketing communication. […]

Brand Naming in Different Chinas

Linguistic, Cultural, and Economic Concerns of Brand-Locality Inconsistencies The allure of the Greater China market has been on the radar of foreign firms for decades. The sheer size, and in many instances, the wealth of the Chinese-speaking world has been a considerable attraction to many Western firms. To tap the large Chinese markets, several foreign […]

Trying the Ways of Sales Funnel Building Software

Business is a boisterous affair these days. You have plenty of people taking interest and initiative to bring business to the right point of success. To make people yield great in-store, you can make use of sales funnel building software. The funnel makes people enter the business arena with the expectation to make a successful […]